In this tutorial you learn how to manually create and modify a collage greeting card.

Click the 'New' button in the Composition ribbon menu and select 'Use existing image as background'. This will open up the PhotoBitzz backgrounds library. Select the file 'thera.jpg'.
Switch to the Bitzz tab in the ribbon menu.
- Press "Bitzz" to open the bitzz window.
- Select about 50-100 pictures of your choice (here I used about 100 random images from Greece).
- Set the following properties:
  - Resize : between 20 and 300 px.
  - Rotate : between -45 and 45 degrees.
- Press "OK".
- Press "Region".
- In the Region form, press "File" and open the twirl shape.
- Erase parts of the region shape as shown in the image.
- Press "Save region".
Press "Render options" and change number of bitzz to render to 5000.
Press "Render" to render the current Bitzz layer.
- Switch to the background tab in the ribbon menu.
- Press "Text". - Set and align text as shown in the image.
- Press "OK".
Your composition is ready.

Final Image:

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