In this tutorial you learn how to manually create and modify a collage with a colorful background.

Click the 'New' button in the Composition ribbon menu and select A4 format. A new blank collage will be created.
Switch to the background tab in the ribbon menu.
- Press "Themes", select the Meadow theme.
- In the fill style list, click the selected gradient style as shown in the image.
Press "Pattern" and click the selected pattern.
- Switch to the Bitzz tab in the ribbon menu and press "Bitzz".
- Press "Add files" and open about 50-100 files of your choice. For this tutorial i used 70 random images of animals, plants and landscapes.
- Properties can be left to default and don't need to be modified.
- Press "OK".
- Press "Region".
- In the Region form, press "File" and open the double butterfly shape.
- Press "Save region".
- Press "Render" to render the current layer.
- Swith again to the background tab in the ribbon menu.
- Press "Text". Enter and align the text as shown in the image.
- Change font to Pristina, 30pt, in a dark green color.
- Press "OK".
Your composition is ready.

Final Image:

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