In this tutorial you learn how to manually create and modify a collage.

Click the 'New' button in the Composition ribbon menu and select A4 format. A new blank collage will be created.
Switch to the "Bitzz" tab in the ribbon menu and press "Bitzz" to setup the collage bitzz.
- In the Bitzz window press "Add files", this will open up the Photobitzz library in a folder browser window.
- Open the folder "Images - berries" and select all files except for the blueberries. Press 'Open'
Select the 2nd tab 'Parameters' and modify the following settings:
- Number of variations : 100
- Resize : chance: 100%, min: 60, max: 90.
- Border : chance : 0%.
- Rotate : chance : 95%, min: -180, max 180.
- Flip : chance : 50%.
Press "OK".
- Press the "Region" button in the ribbon menu.
- In the region form, press "File" and open the yin-yang shape.
- Press "Save region".
- Press "Render options" in the ribbon menu.
- Set 'number of bitzz to render' to 10000.
- Press 'Render' in the ribbon menu : this will start rendering the collage.
- Switch to the "background" tab in the ribbon menu and press the "Text" button.
- Enter the text in the field as shown in the image.
- Change font to century gothic, black, 28pt.
- Move the text around in the preview windows until it is aligned as in the image.
- Press "OK".
- Your collage is finished. You can save or export from the composition tab in the ribbon menu.

Final Image:

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