In this tutorial you learn how to create a composition using PhotoBitzz in combination with Adobe Photoshop. For experienced Photoshop users.

- Start photoshop and open the file 'glastonbury.jpg' from the PhotoBitzz library (by default located in c:\Program Files\DBSoft\PhotoBitzz\Library\Backgrounds).
- Select the custom shape tool and draw a heart shape in a new layer.
- Rotate the heart and add perspective (Edit-transform-perspective).
- Apply a black & white gradient overlay to the hear shape. The image should look like the example.
- Delete the background layer, only keeping the heart layer. Save this as a .png file (heart.png).
- Find a good image of a flock of birds. A good stockphoto is:
- Using Photoshop cut out about 10 different bird shapes and save them as .png files (with a transparent background).
- Start PhotoBitzz.
- In the Composition ribbon select New - use existing image as background.
- Select the Glastonbury background from the library.
- Switch to the Bitzz tab in the ribbon menu and press "Bitzz".
- Press "Add files" : Add the png files with the bird shapes.
- Modify the following properties:
  - variations: 100
  - resize between 20 and 60 pixels
  - border chance of occurence: 0%
  - Rotate : between -45 and 45 degrees
  - Flip : chance of occurence : 30%, disable 'flip vertically' (we don't want birds flying upside down).
- Press "OK".
- Press "Region".
- In the Region form, press "File" and open heart shape png file.
- Add a few random small black dots.
- Press "Save region".
- Press "render options"
- Change number of bitzz to render to 5000
- Press "Render" to render the current layer.
- Change render options and render again as many times as needed until you find the composition satisfying.
Your composition is ready.

Final Image:

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