In this tutorial you learn how to use quick projects to make a nice cat face mosaic.

Click the 'quick mosaic' button in the Composition ribbon menu to start the quick collage wizard.
Step 1 : select the large image that will be used as background.
- Press 'Browse' and select the image file you want to use. For this tutorial i used a stockphoto found at :
- Press 'Next'.
Step 2 : select the small images.
- Press 'Add files' : a file browser window will open up your image library. Select about 30 images of your choice. Tip: for the best results, select images that all have the same orientation (either portrait or landscape).
- Press 'Finish'.
A completely set up and rendered project will be created and opened.
- Press 'Export' in the Composition ribbon tab to save your collage as a jpg, png or psd file.

Final Image:

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